Kitchen Storage

Storage Solutions

Storage is critical to the design of any new kitchen and with the trend towards more open plan living spaces, the kitchen is always on show and it’s more important then ever to make the right decisions to ensure a clutter free environment. We suggest you start by breaking down the layout of your new kitchen into different areas, identifying those used for the preparation of food, cooking, washing, dining, relaxing or working and you’ll soon see that storage plays a different role within each area. The kitchen has to accommodate everything from the storage of dry ingredients through to fresh food, herbs, cooking oils, crockery, cleaning materials and cooking utensils such as pots and pans.

Larder storage

Some of our larders can hold up to a whole weeks’ worth of groceries. Getting to the things at the back of your cupboards can be a real hassle. This innovative system moves the whole contents of the cupboard to you, providing easy access to all your items meaning less food goes to waster, which will save you money. All our larder units have soft close, which offers smooth closing, even when the larder is fully stocked. Anti-slip surfaces mean that your items don’t move around while height adjustable trays offer a truly flexible storage solution.

Corner Storage Solutions

Dark and difficult-to-reach corners are a thing of the past when you fit one of our smarty corner units. Kessebohmer use clever engineering to smoothly bring the very depths of corner cupboards out to you.

LeMans II:

Our best-selling larder comes all the way out of the cabinet, making items easy to see and reach.

Magic corner:

Once hard-to-reach items are now brought to your fingertips.

¾ Carousel:

A corner carousel is perfect for storing bulky potts and pans.

Wall Storage

If you’re struggling to reach the highest parts of your wall cabinets, then kessebohmer has a number of solutions. Cleverly designed wall storage brings your cupboard contents within easy reach, to make life that little bit easier.


Our clever iMove allows you to pull the whole shelves down you eye level.

150mm Wall Pull-out:

Store all your herbs and spices in one easy to reach space.

Under Counter Storage

Our range of under counter products allow you to maximise and organise every inch of space. From neat spice racks, to handy removable, cleaning storage, we’ve thought of everything.

Base Pull-Out:

Place under counter storage near your hob for easy access to jars, bottles, dry food and cooking ingredients.

150mm base pull-out:

Transform narrow and awkward spaces with dynamic and functional storage.

Cleaning agent:

Easily access all your cleaning items and transport them around the house with this portable pull-out basket.

Base tandem side:

The clever design of the base tandem allows you to see everything that the cupboard contains and more importantly, reach it all with ease.